Monday, 17 May 2010

Teaching Your Kids Modern Manners

Article from my favourite link :

As the mother of two boys, I feel I have a duty to prepare my sons to take their places in society someday as informed citizens, productive employees...and really excellent dates. While teaching them about voting and completing chores may seem more important than, say, the art of small talk, I hope the mothers of daughters will appreciate my effort in the area of etiquette. Old-fashioned? Not all all! I'm a futurist when it comes to etiquette. I am thinking of you, future young women of America, as I instruct/harangue my male children daily.

You can take the boy out of the cave, but you can't always take the cave out of the boy. In my house, I focus on three areas of good manners that I hope will pay off when my sons are out in polite society, if there is any polite society left by the time they hit dating age. Read More...

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