Friday, 25 January 2013

Cinta dan kasihku hanya untukmu hingga ke akhir hayat!

Kisah seorang nenek bermain gitar yang buat aku terharu dalam program realiti TV di China. Juri pun menangis. Kata-kata alih bahasa ke BI aku copy dari youtube ni.. Lembut je tutur bahasanya!

Nenek : My name is Dong Yun Rong. I'm from Hangzhou, Zhe Jiang Province, China. I'm 68 years-old now. I was a teacher before I am retired. There is a guitar training courses for olds and I like much since I was young, so I just enrolled in. Its very difficult for old people to learn to play the guitar. So I practiced everyday. I review the song sheet even I was washing vegetables.

Today I want to sing a song called 'Because of love'."

Because of love

Can never sing a song like that
A song can make you blush wanting to hide
Though I often forget that I still love you

Because of love
I can never be sad easily
And it makes everything look good...

Juri : I was about to cry. There is something in her singing, something uncommon and rare. Why you choose this song? Anything special?

Nenek : I want to give this song to you guys and my husband.

Juri : Would you tell us what kind of  a person your husband is?

Nenek : My husband was a professor from Zhejiang University. He was very handsome when he was young. We got married while we only knew each other for 2 months.

Juri : Flash marriage? When was that?

Nenek : In 1968

Juri : You must feel so happy in these 30++ years.

Nenek : Yes! He cared about me a lot. He was very nice and thoughtful. He liked playing Er Hu (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) when he was free. I like playing harmonica with him. We would ride bikes along the West Lake on Sundays to enjoy the flowers and and to relax ourselves.

Juri : I guess that would be a beautiful moment. Please applause for this 60++ year old lady for standing here showing her love. Has your husband come today?

Nenek : He has been gone for 6 years.

Juri : Oh! Sorry to hear that! Aunt smile beautifully and said she wanted to sing this song to her husband?

Nenek : Yes! We live for 37 years. He liked the look when I wore scarves. So he would buy me scarves every year. The first scarves he gave to me was near the West Lake, where we sit there and watching the boats on the West Lake.

Juri : Is the scarf you're wearing now is bought by him?

Nenek : Yes!

Juri : So he will be with you today.

Nenek : Yes! I hope he can hear my voice in heaven.

Juri : I think its very impressive that you saying this words with smiles.

Nenek : Yes! I was very sad and heart-broken at first. I felt so lonely and alone. So I went to learn and play the guitar. Every year I go to grave, I will sing this song for him.

Juri : Then, can you play this song for us again?

song continue....

Because of love though 
I live in a peaceful life
I can also be crazy for you anytime

Because of love
M life can never live with vicissitudes 
And both of us look young

Because of love
In that place
Still have someone wandered 
Searching for the right person

Juri : Its very impressive. I think its an age that people almost forget about the love but she still sings the original love. I believe you must have many words want to tel him.

Nenek : Qiu! Have you heard that song? Now I'm standing in the best concert hall of Shanghai playing and singing a song for you. A song that we haven't sang together 'Because of love'.

Tersentuh hati aku. Itu cara dia untuk menyatakan cinta dan kasihnya buat mendiang suaminya. Cinta selama-lamanya hingga ke hujung nyawa. Bagi kita yang berugama Islam pun ada caranya untuk menyatakan kasih-sayang kita pada insan yang telah pergi buat selama-lamanya.

Lihatlah kisah ini dengan mata hati kita. Berapa lama kita bercinta mahu pun darjat yang bagaimana pasangan kita itu bukanlah faktor utama yang menjamin kerukunan rumah tangga. Tanyalah hati masing-masing!


Diana Rashid said...

wah...mesti bahagia je hidup dia dengan suami dia dulu..kan??

MumMe said...

touching betul, kak liza....

Unknown said...

Xbleh nk ckp apa2 slps tgk...