Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What your writing says about you

Ini aku jumpa dalam sejarah email aku masa tahun 2000. Ops...simpan lagi. Guna outlook. Mungkin ada yg ingat dulu selalu dapat group email, sampai kena warning dgn IT department. Saper2 yg subscribe guna email office memang kenalah. Aku sempat le kejap dapat juga baca2. Lepas IT department keluar memo, cepat2 le unsubcribe.

Mr William Pang is a certified graphologist with 25 years of
experience. A member of the British Institute of Graphologist,
he started studying the science of analysing handwriting in
the 1970s. His assessments are mostly 80% accurate... Try it!!!
Perhaps you would just realize your inner self that you have
never known... (",)


The larger your font, the more confident you are.

The higher you cross your 't' the more ambitious you are.

If you dot your 'i' far from the stem, you're forward-looking.
- Replacing the dot with circles or hearts suggests that
you're creative.

The way you cross your 'g' reflects your sexual need. The
bigger and wider loop, the more comfortable you are with
intimacy. Virgins usually end their'g's with small u-shape.

The bigger the loop in your 'f', the more intellectual you are.

If you tend to leave your 'o' open, you're chatty and

If you close it, you're private person. If there are loops
in your 'o', it means you can lie to yourself and others.

If your handwriting slopes upwards, you're positive. If it
slopes downwards, and you make no effort to correct it,
you're pessimistic.

If it slopes up and down like a roller coaster, you're prone
to,mood swings.

Those whose handwriting slants to the right tend to be
extroverted and implusive. Left slant implies a cautious and
introspective nature.

Those with vertical handwriting can control their emotions.

Rounded letters suggest warmth and amicability, while sharp,
angular strokes indicate discipline and rigidity.

Your signature is your projected self. Big signatures scream for
attention. The bigger you cap your letters, the grander an entrance
you like to make.


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